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When you own a pet you will want to make sure that you get all the health and nutrition facts straight in order to raise and share your life with a healthy and happy furry companion. This is nothing short of what a parent would do for their own child. Many pet owners treat their pets are like their children, spoiling them rotten and pandering to their every need. Over-indulgence isn't always helpful, but a good knowledge of what your cat needs definitely is.

Cats and kittens

Cat health is very different from dog health and so your cat will have unique as well as breed related needs as far as health care goes. Cats are susceptible to feline diseases such as feline leukaemia, cat flu and various other health issues. The best option for the owners of outdoor cats is to have your furry friend checked out at the vet regularly. You should also keep your kitty up to date with their vaccinations and boosters at all times.

Be wary of what you are offering them food-wise. Cat health and chocolate don’t go well together and in fact chocolate can be very toxic to cats (and dogs).

You should also be aware that your cat may well turn out to be lactose intolerant. You should keep an eye on his or her reaction to any dairy products at all times. If you see diarrhoea crop up, no more milk or dairy! Hills provide complete cat diets which are formulated to provide exactly what your feline needs and help maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle for your cat.

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