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Enjoy soft purrs and even softer nuzzles with nutrition that maximizes the unique bliss of simply being a cat.

Cutting-edge Food Science

Discover what our carefully selected ingredients, precisley balanced nutrition and high-quality standards can do for your cat. 


Veterinarians know a healthy dog food when they see one. That's why they give Hill's Science Diet™ to their own dogs more than any other brand. When it comes to the Science Behind Happy™, they're experts.

Based on a survey conducted amongst veterinarians in the US in 2017


Made with the finest, high-quality natural ingredients – Science Diet contains no added artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

*Plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids


Advanced nutrition with clinically proven benefits – years of research go into every bowl, ensuring food meets all of your cat’s needs


We make our Science Diet™ foods in Europe* with ingredients that are checked for purity and nutrient content. We do all this to make sure your cat is as healthy and happy as possible.

*Science Diet canned food are made in the US

Results in the Real World

See the weight loss success of cats on their way to a healthier weight.

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We exist to transform the lives of pets and their families.

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